Sony to host Tablet Q&A and Giveaway on Wednesday


Sony is hosting a live Q&A session later this week, at 3:00PM GMT on Wednesday November 23rd where they will chatting up their new tablets. Join Sony’s tablet expert Omar Gurnah as he demonstrates the two unique Android device and then turning things over to viewers.  At this point you’ll be able to ask any lingering questions as they pertain to either model.  In an effort to help drum up interest, Sony will be also giving Q&A participants a chance to win one of the Sony Tablets.

The chat goes down, like last time, at Sony UK’s Facebook page.




  1. I won’t be joining the Q&A but it woud be nice if someone asks why it took until last week to fix the Crackle app considering they made it. Other questions would be why they use that horrible charging port and why the usb is not enabled for charging like every other mobile device (other than laptops and I stuff). It would be great if the wifi would stay on during sleep mode as checking the box in the menu does not seem to matter. The SD slot is useless except for transfers 🙁 . Overall I very much like the tablet though and most of the software that was added to the standard OS. Looking forward to seeing macros in the audio/video remote program. That would make my Harmony remote obsolete:)