Best Buy apparently thinks the Galaxy Nexus is just another Galaxy S II device named the Nexus Prime

Best Buy apparently thinks the Galaxy Nexus is just another Galaxy S II device named the Nexus Prime

Ah yes, the soap opera that is the Galaxy Nexus. Apparently Best Buy has missed a few episodes as their latest Best Buy Mobile flyer (due out Dec. 1) refers to the Galaxy Nexus as the Nexus Prime, and to top things off, they also believe it’s just another Galaxy S II. The Galaxy Nexus has certainly seen some crazy press as of late, but this one takes the cake. It’s obvious that Best Buy prints these things in advance but that’s no excuse for getting the name wrong on a device that’s been the Galaxy Nexus since October 18. We all (minus Best Buy) know it’s going to be called the Galaxy Nexus, we all know it’s not a Galaxy S II and we all know it’s never going to be released on Verizon! Of course the last part is just a joke — or is it?

I realize we’re all on edge over this whole Verizon/Galaxy Nexus saga, but let’s not go off the deep end and start thinking the “Prime” is going to make a come back. The only “Prime” you’re going to see is the ASUS Transformer Prime, so deal with it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to pick up my 16GB… erm… 32GB Verizon Samsung Galaxy Prime… erm… Nexus so I can play some Flash… erm… HTML5 games.

Go ahead and check out the pics for a few laughs.

Source: Android Central

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  1. Anonymous
    November 27, 11:12 Reply

    Actually, wasn’t there a recent rumor saying that Verizon might want to name their version the Nexus Prime to differentiate themselves? I’m just saying, might be good to temper your mocking 😉

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