Comment to Win: Samsung Stratosphere [CONTEST]


How would you like to win yourself a brand new Samsung Stratosphere from Verizon? Thanks to the generous folks at RadioShack, we’ve got one that we’re dying to give away.  Starting today, November 22nd, and running through November 27th (11:59PM PST), we’ll be offering up a ridiculously easy way to walk away with the 4G handset.

As a reminder, the Samsung Stratosphere runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and features a 4.0-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display, sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera, front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera, and 4G LTE connectivity.

Don’t forget that RadioShack is also offering more than two dozen smartphones up for free this week.  All you have to do is sign a new two-year service agreement with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint!

How do I enter?

Simple. Leave a comment below with a genuine email address.  We’ll be contacting the winner via the provided email address so make sure you check it often.  What does the comment have to say?  It’s up to you, but perhaps something nice about Samsung, Verizon, RadioShack, or AndroidGuys!


  1. VZW has the best 4G LTE network in the world!!! Happy Turkey week 😉

    send the win to: [email protected]

  2. I’m subscribed to the AndroidGuys news feed and read your articles on a daily basis. I’m rocking an OG Droid right now running a GB Rom. Samsung has always made some good quality products.. I’m sure the stratosphere is no different. Congrats to whoever wins!

  3. Would love to win this phone for my friend! He currently has a droid eris that people can’t hear him on half the time and can’t afford an upgrade! Would like to help him have a happy holiday with Samsung, Radio Shack, Verizon & Android Guys!

  4. Fantastic! I win this and I am leaving Sprint for their lack of good customer support since I’ve had my Epic 4G. They have gone downhill every year since the days of Nextel. And yes, they will eventually cap and charge the smartphone data plan. This is the one thing they’ve had over everyone else, unlimited data. The took away the unlimited hotspot and there is no reason to think they will not do the same to our smartphone data plan. They lost so much money on Wimax they are cutting corners on things that make the customer suffer. With all their 4G phones it seems useless since most cannot access 4G and those who can say its buggy. Its a shame because I have been a long time Nextel/Sprint customer.

  5. Would make a great phone for the wifey who is still using an old moto droid!  Love all of Samsung phones…I currently have the Charge and its the best phone I’ve ever owned.  Thanks Android Guys!

  6. To be honest this will be for me, my original droid is dying and I don’t really want to spend the cash on a new phone right now.  This would awesome timing for me.

  7. My next phone is definitely going to be a Samsung and I wouldn’t mind upgrading my wife’s Droid Incredible with a new Samsung Stratosphere!

  8. Love the keyboard and unlocked bootloader Samsung! Would love to help the ROM community with this phone! Oh, and Android Guys rules! 😀

  9. Samsung is one of the best android manufacturers of today, Verizon’s network is years ahead of any competitor, Radioshack always provides what I need for my mobile devices and Androidguys.. .. simply the best android blog there is.. thank you guys!

  10. Been a radioshack fan since I was a kid. Back when we actually had a radioshack that serviced a heavy duty amount of radio enthusiast products and parts. 

  11. number 60?

  12. I want to win this for my mother-in-law.  Her eyes need a bigger screen and her fingers need a keyboard.  Please pick me! It would be such a good present. Could you please clarify if you can get our email address from our DISQUS account or do we have to actually post our email address in the comment section for everyone to see?

  13. Samsung, who else can make perfection. We have TVs, laptops

    and now I’m on my second mobile, superb. Was that good enough! Seriously all true.

  14. I I just got an HTC inspire 4g at radio shack a couple of days ago. They were really awesome. So glad I stopped in to browse.

  15. Alright, let me leave this comment: when making a giveaway/contest/competition, do not forget and leave your international readers out in the cold.


  16. Just got a Samssung Galaxy 7.0 plus and this would pair so beautifully! I’m slowly making the switch from Mac OS to Android. Love this phone! Pick me! Pick me!

  17. That is one heck of a phone you got there! But you don’t need it anymore, so why don’t be a good sumaritan and give it to me. Much obliged!

  18. just like android guys coz gives genuine spec , its view abt handsets.

    like samsung qwerty phone too much. has samsung galaxy pro . very nice from samsung.

  19. I’ve been comparing Android phones for two days for my jump on the Black Friday sale. I love the Stratosphere and the HTC wildfire. Hum I think this phone is the my and only I really hope I win!

  20. Thanks for the giveaway!
    My current phone is a Samsung and I think it’s the only phone I’ve ever had that didn’t have a bunch of problems.

    Sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  21. is this contest worldwide or just for US citizens? I bet it’s the second option, but by the chance it’s worldwide, as a Samsung and AndroidGuys lover I’d like to get this phone 🙂

  22. Pick me pick me pick me.. oh that is not me asking the awesome
    AndroidGuys to make me the winner; but it is the awesome phone from
    Samsung asking me to pick it up.. 🙂

  23. Would be nice to go back to keyboard I remember how much great my old G1 keyboard was.  Thanks Radio Shack, Samsung, and AndroidGuys.  Verizon not so much because they keep trying to nickel and dime me.

  24. My wife prefers a keyboard, and she can use a new phone. This phone, coupled with Verizon 4g (which is in our neighborhood!) would make a nice gift for her.

  25. i LOVED my epic 4g when i had it on sprint it was my fav phone, really hoping to get a stratosphere im really tired of my broken xperia play that drops signal ALL the time i mean i cant even get on the internet with out it droping so fast and i cant send it in to sony because i need a phone to use for work

  26. Androidguys are the shiznit…..i have you set as my Pulse widget. My go to for all android news! Radio Shack i will see you late tomorrow night, i love my gadgets. Verizon you are expensive as hell, but for a reason….never had better service- wireless and customer. I need this phone for my girlfriend…she wants it bad…and i want her upgrade for my néw Samsung Galaxy Nexus….You guys are doing it big! Hows that for a comment? [email protected].

  27. My mom really needs a new phone. She’s had a flip phone, T9Word and fading battery life, for three years. She really wants to upgrade and have a smartphone so she and I can keep in touch more easily while I’m away at college. This contest would help us so much!

  28.  With a nice keyboard, front and rear cameras, 4″ of Super AMOLED display, and 4G LTE, this looks like an extremely functional phone.

  29. Would love to win this phone . I try for all the contest and still haven’t won one yet. But this site is so cool and Android is so awesome I have to keep trying. Plus this would finally get me to make the switch to Verizon I have been thinking about. Good luck everyone

  30. AndroidGuys is so cool and people like me love samsung and we think is better than apple. But…im unlucky and haven’t android’s phone and that is perfect!



  32. Great! A wonderful samsung phone from one of the top providers verizon given out by nice radioshack and cool android guys! 🙂 Too good to have as a gift 🙂

  33. My favorite website, AndroidGuys, u guts keeps us updated on all the hottest Android headsets that’s out today. I would love to win this headset. My fingers are cross.

  34. Shoot, saying nice things about that line-up is easy!  The hat’s off to AndroidGuys is obvious, but insofar as Verizon and Samsung…being able to roll BACK to a Verizon keyboard phone would be AWESOME, and Samsung rocks!! I just gave up my early upgrade to my wife, and she got a Stratosphere…would LOVE to move into one myself!

  35. Hey Android Guys, you do a great job at providing all us android junkies with great info on all the upcoming gadgets from the Android world. Love following you on Twitter. Radio Shack. I’ve been going to you guys since I was a kid for all electronic needs, thanks. And as for Verizon, I’ve been with you guys forever, thanks for being the nations #1 carrier and providing us with top notch phones like this Samsung Stratosphere.

  36. Love Androidguys coverage. I subscribe to your twitter and RSS feeds, and tell everyone I know to do the same. Just how much butt kissing (however truthful) is a new phone worth? Guess we’ll find out.

  37. this phone is like my samsung rouge on steroids i would love to have it. i ve been with verizon since it was cellular one and radioshack is one of my favorite stores. i just stumbled on this website but it seems very informative. dudes yall are giving away a free phone thats insane, thats a great handup from yall.

  38. Winning this phone would make my life easier since in kenya not so many of us get the opportunity to own such kind of phones