December 20, 2014

Comment to Win: Samsung Stratosphere [CONTEST]



How would you like to win yourself a brand new Samsung Stratosphere from Verizon? Thanks to the generous folks at RadioShack, we’ve got one that we’re dying to give away.  Starting today, November 22nd, and running through November 27th (11:59PM PST), we’ll be offering up a ridiculously easy way to walk away with the 4G handset.

As a reminder, the Samsung Stratosphere runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and features a 4.0-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display, sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera, front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera, and 4G LTE connectivity.

Don’t forget that RadioShack is also offering more than two dozen smartphones up for free this week.  All you have to do is sign a new two-year service agreement with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint!

How do I enter?

Simple. Leave a comment below with a genuine email address.  We’ll be contacting the winner via the provided email address so make sure you check it often.  What does the comment have to say?  It’s up to you, but perhaps something nice about Samsung, Verizon, RadioShack, or AndroidGuys!

  • webpromo

    Very good post! need to say you did a great job and i really appreciate it!

  • Anonymous

    Pick me pick me pick me.. oh that is not me asking the awesome
    AndroidGuys to make me the winner; but it is the awesome phone from
    Samsung asking me to pick it up.. :-)

  • smwinn7

    Physical keyboard and lte nice

  • elite.

    Would love this phone!!!  thanks

  • Žilvinas Gadliauskas

    Oh yeah! :)

  • Guillermo Martinez
  • ordog botond

    stratosphere rocks

  • Iliyan

    Ah, I see navigation buttons! Like!

  • Gadgetskopf

    Well, since the Droid4 is going to have to non removable battery, this is the only Verizon option at the moment…sigh…

  • Daniel McCormick

    Thanks for this great contest opportunity, guys. forever! :)

  • Ricardo_C

    Would be nice to go back to keyboard I remember how much great my old G1 keyboard was.  Thanks Radio Shack, Samsung, and AndroidGuys.  Verizon not so much because they keep trying to nickel and dime me.

  • Degenerategamer

    Ready to upgrade from old school Razor to This Stratosphere! Happy Turkey Day!!

  • William

    My wife prefers a keyboard, and she can use a new phone. This phone, coupled with Verizon 4g (which is in our neighborhood!) would make a nice gift for her.

  • Anonymous

    I think Samsung and Verizon should run against Obama and Biden.  How could they be worse?

  • Thomas Strommer

    The stratosphere is a fine android phone.  4gLTE is awesome

  • Icebear5188

    i LOVED my epic 4g when i had it on sprint it was my fav phone, really hoping to get a stratosphere im really tired of my broken xperia play that drops signal ALL the time i mean i cant even get on the internet with out it droping so fast and i cant send it in to sony because i need a phone to use for work

  • allison witmer

    i would love to win this!!!! i so need a new phone!!

  • Jaysteezy74

    Androidguys are the shiznit…..i have you set as my Pulse widget. My go to for all android news! Radio Shack i will see you late tomorrow night, i love my gadgets. Verizon you are expensive as hell, but for a reason….never had better service- wireless and customer. I need this phone for my girlfriend…she wants it bad…and i want her upgrade for my néw Samsung Galaxy Nexus….You guys are doing it big! Hows that for a comment? [email protected].

  • Edgars

    i’d like to win it

  • Aprilyn

    Wow. Thank you guys for this contest! I would love to win that phone! :3  I want to win! :D

  • ShayZenn

    My mom really needs a new phone. She’s had a flip phone, T9Word and fading battery life, for three years. She really wants to upgrade and have a smartphone so she and I can keep in touch more easily while I’m away at college. This contest would help us so much!

  • Hensen Lizar

    this is great
    I hope I win itthanks to AndroidGuys and RadioShack for giving me a chance to win it

  • Sam

    I love this phone. It’s perfect for my fat fingers since it has an actual keyboard. Thanks for the blessing.

  • Tommy Shorez

    My sister killed my  HTC, I could really use a new phone.

  • DavidO

    I’d love to win a Stratosphere

  • Moruz

    with galaxy s2 Samsung got my attention and my money. keep it this way samsung

  • nwf

    You guys are awesome to give away a free phone!  Love your website.

  • cakescakescakes

    I wanna win!

  • tlau

    Love the website AndroidGuys! :D

  • David

    Awsome phone, Samsung are the best, love the galaxy ace

  • messybun

    I’m a diehard Samsung fan, and I love Verizon, Radioshack and AndroidGuys ROCK! I could really use this phone!

  • Christian Buchanan

    AndroidGuys are so rad to give away a phone! Like, seriously, how generous. Mad props.

  • Pelle Strandell

    I love Android and  Androidguys!

  • Gusteez

    Long time reader.

  • Eric G

    I would love to win this for my wife…..she would go crazy

  • Tyler Mandry

    Looks like a solid phone, I’d love to have it. tmandry at gmail

  • Eric Long

    I can has?

  • Codeandchips

    excellent … yes please

  • K_m_o_2002

    looks fantastic and im andriods number 1 fan, my phone just broke so this would be fantastic

  • Keith Wright

     With a nice keyboard, front and rear cameras, 4″ of Super AMOLED display, and 4G LTE, this looks like an extremely functional phone.

  • Pattie Cakes

    I love this phone, it lQQks great!!  Yay, pick me, pick me!!! :)

  • Don Gemus

    Thanks for tweeting this! Very nice of all of you!

  • armando luna

    would love a new phone!

  • Ehab

    WOW! Really, I always get most of news about android from this site but it is pleasure to get an android phone too.

  • Matt

    win,win, WIN!

  • A Graihy

    Really i wanna it badly :D

  • A Graihy

    Really i wanna it badly :D

  • Pau B

    I am so there

  • Antoine

    Could u send me that in France?

  • Shashank

    Samsung have become the Game Changers for the “Smart Technology on the Move” market! Good Going Guys :)