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AT&T CEO Obviously Not a Fan of Google

There’s an article on the Wall Street Journal today that talks about AT&T and their reaction to Verizon’s willingness to cozy up to Google and Android.  While CEO Randall Stephenson

News and Rumors

Amazon offering 6-pack ‘Getaway Essentials’ bundle for free

Looking to get away this weekend, this summer, or somewhere down the road? Check out the free apps that Amazon is offering today as part of a “Getaway Essentials” bundle.

News and Rumors

Major Exploit in Google’s Android/PC Web Browsers!

IT Security-Researcher MJ Keith of Alert Logic has found an exploit in our beloved Android OS. This involves the use of an attack code “piggy backed” on a loading a


  1. David
    November 30, 03:26 Reply

    What I would like to know is how do I get facebook completely off of my current android phone.  I hate how facebook tries to stick it’s nose into EVERYTHING!!  Sick of how it tries to “connect” all my facebook contacts to my phone.  I don’t want that.  It’s very irritating.

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