YoYo Games announces platform puzzler Rick O’Shea

YoYo Games today released their next Android-based game, the platform puzzler Rick O’Shea.  Featuring more than 120 levels, 30 achievements, 12 mini-games, and more, Rick O’Shea is the first freemium title to come from YoYo Games.  The game itself is free to download for Android devices running 2.1 and above, including most tablets, with additional content coming from in-app purchases that should run about 99¢ (US) each.

So what’s a Rick O’Shea?

Rick O’Shea is a human cannonball who performs death defying stunts for the crowd.    Playing as the titular character, you’ll encounter shark pools, flames, spikes, and more as you attempt to make your way through each level.


Rick O’Shea launches on iOS and Android 

YoYo Games’ first freemium title now available to download

London, UK – 22nd November 2011 – YoYo Games, the leading portal for user-generated game content, is pleased to announce that Rick O’Shea, an innovative platform puzzler, is released today, Tuesday 22nd November, on the iOS and Android platforms. Rick O’Shea is YoYo Games’ latest title to be created using GameMaker, and it’s the first game to be released as a freemium title. Rick O’Shea follows in the footsteps of previous gaming hits to be developed using GameMaker such as KaroshiThey Need To Be Fed and Pollushot.

Rick O’Shea follows the career of Rick O’Shea, a human cannonball at a circus who performs death defying stunts for the crowd. Players must control Rick and steer him around using cannons to avoid dangers such as timed spikes and shark pools, all so that Rick can reach the exit of each level. Each cannon is static so the player can only control the rotation before firing our hero in the desired direction. Once fired Rick will ricochet off ceilings, walls and floors until he reaches another cannon or the exit.

Rick O’Shea features:

  • Simple, intuitive single tap gameplay
  • 120 fiendish and addictive levels to ricochet through
  • Game Centre support on iOS
  • 30 Achievements to unlock, and 12 mini game levels to find
  • Download act 1 for free, with a further 4 acts to “purchase and play”

Rick O’Shea is available to download, for free, for iOS and Android devices and will include act 1. Three downloadable content (DLC) packs will offer players the chance to expand their ricocheting adventures, with packs one and two containing two brand new acts, and pack three giving players eight brand new characters to play with. Each DLC pack will cost USD$0.99 / GBP£0.69 / EUR€0.79.