Gameloft giving out free and discounted Android games over holiday weekend


Gameloft is getting into the holiday shopping spirit by giving away some of their best Android games this weekend.  Starting on Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday, Gameloft fans in North America are asked to follow the company on Twitter as they unveil the titles.  Each of these games will be offered for free over a two hour period each day with all other titles at 99¢ each!  To kick things off early, Gameloft has tossed out Dungeon Hunter 2 for free for the next hour or so. You know… to get you excited for the followup!


  1. And, those who don’t have Android smartphones to run those Gameloft games on, there’s still time to partake of Amazon’s buffet of one-cent Android phones (including the bigwigs such as the Galaxy S II, DROID RAZR, Rezound, Bionic, Vivid).  I wrote about it in a post on my site.  Personally, handpicked the cool ones out of the almost-100 on Amazon’s list.