Samsung confirms U.S. Galaxy Nexus for December?

Samsung confirms U.S. Galaxy Nexus for December?

According to a recent Business Insider post, Samsung has confirmed the U.S. version of the Galaxy Nexus for a December launch.  Not much of a surprise considering the most recent rumors have tapped it with a December 8th arrival date.  The weird part of the news here is that it is Samsung confirming the phone and not the carrier, Verizon, instead.  The last time someone asked the handset maker to give us a time frame, Samsung played coy and deferred to the provider for more information.   Either way, we’re pleased to hear we’re down to weeks.

Still holding out?

Have you been itching to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Nexus?  Are you able to hold out for about two more weeks and get passed all of these holiday savings for other smartphones?

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  1. Android TidBits
    November 25, 08:54 Reply

    Verizon seems to be the culprit for the inability to pin down a precise release date.  Elsewhere, other countries seem confident about precision.  Canada’s getting the Galaxy Nexus on December 8.  Italy’s getting it on December 1.  What’s worse is that Verizon is also rumored to bring out the Galaxy Nexus AND the Motorola DROID 4 together.  Poor DROID 4.  I don’t think it can stand the Galaxy Nexus’ fireworks.

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