Verizon Galaxy Nexus shows up in online ads for $199; you still can’t buy one


Talk about a tease! A tantalizing Verizon advertisement has been popping up all over the web showing the much anticipated Galaxy Nexus — and if that wasn’t enough — the ad prices the Galaxy Nexus at $199! Unfortunately clicking on the ad to ‘learn more’ takes you to the Verizon site where the Galaxy Nexus is nowhere to be found. On the flip side, it’s been pointed out that the url tag contains a possible 11/29 date reference, but as we all know, that can mean anything.

So what exactly is going on here? We’re not positive but let’s take a look at this optimistically for a change. Perhaps the ad was pushed out ahead of schedule but contains completely accurate information. Maybe we will see the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus go on sale this Tuesday for the great price of $199. Let’s get our hopes up even more by assuming this price is for the 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus. If the above speculation is true, there are going to be a lot of happy fanboys (including myself) out there that will forget all about the Verizon delay. What do you guys think? Are you seeing this ad half full or half empty?

Source: Android Police, Droid-Life, Android Central


  1. It has gotten old. For me, the excitement died down. I am willing to bet that HTC is coming out with something better and stronger a few weeks after this is released.

  2. I have been up in the air between the Rezound and the Nexus, and $100 would seal it for me. The screen and open nature already had me leaning towards the Nexus, while the HTC name(I currently have the Indestructible Incredible that has hit my hardwood floor hundreds of times), and current availability had me leaning to the Rezound.

  3. I think it’s entirely possible that the G-Nex Prime goes on PRE-SALE on the 29th for online purchase with Free Shipping, and the phone going on sale IN-STORE on December 8th.  At least that’s what my Crystal Ball says….Go Big or Go Home!

  4. “Let’s get our hopes up even more by assuming this price is for the 32GB version of the Galaxy Nexus.”
    You wish. Advertisement ALWAYS puts the price on cheapest model unless specified otherwise. Also I wonder how much you have to pay each month extra on the contract to get it at that price.

  5. The ad for the Droid RAZR on Motorola’s product page states: “Too powerful to fall in the wrong hands. (grammar in ad is incorrect.
    Unless Razr can levitate, the phone is “too powerful to fall INTO the
    wrong hands.”