March 29, 2015

Google I/O expands to three days, moves to June 27-29


Big news out of Google today as they announce a rescheduled and expanded Google IO conference. No longer confined to two days in April, the 2012 edition will now take place over three days, running June 27-29.  According to the Google Developers page, the event still takes place in the Moscone Center West with the application process for registration takes place in February.

After Google I/O 2011, you consistently told us you wanted more time to attend sessions, visit our partners in the Developer Sandbox, and meet 1:1 with the engineers behind Google’s developer platforms and APIs. We recently received an unexpected opportunity to extend Google I/O to three days, so as we announced on our +Google Developers page, we are moving the conference to June 27-29, 2012. It will still take place at Moscone Center West in San Francisco.

What would you do with 50% more IO?

Google is asking for suggestions as to what to do with the third day of the event so be sure to chime in with your opinion.

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