Nexus S PowerSkin Review

Smartphones have become many a persons entire world in the palm of their hand (if you’re reading this then you’re likely one of those people, just like me). But having this wealth of information at your fingertips comes at a price, mainly your phones insatiable hunger for power. So when I got an opportunity to test out a PowerSkin case for my Nexus S I jumped at the chance.

PowerSkins are incredibly handy, they give you roughly a full charge of your phone in one charge of the silicone casing. They have a handy LED system on the rear with a power button underneath, pressing the button underneath briefly, shows you the charge remaining whilst holding the button for 3-5 seconds begins to charge your phone.

You’re essentially strapping a second battery to the back of your phone, so obviously you’re going to see a considerable increase in bulk. This is really the only complaint I have of the PowerSkin but it’s one that unfortunately can’t be helped.

[quote_left] Powerskin might present a challenge for those who wish to use NFC and Android Beam (4.0). [/quote_left] Having said that, NFC does not work with the case on. I never use NFC on my Nexus S, which is why bulk is still my only complaint but this may be a deal breaker for those who do, especially with Android Beam coming in Ice Cream Sandwich. Again this can’t really be helped with these kinds of cases, I’m not sure if it’s the same with plain old silicone cases as I’ve never tested it, let me know in the comments if it is.

One great thing I like about the PowerSkin is that when you plug it in to charge at night with your phone still connected, it knows your phone comes first. So it charges your phone first before moving on to charging itself.

It eventually boils down to personal preference as to whether you get a PowerSkin or just a second battery that you store in your bag. You have to decide whether you’re willing to accept the increase in bulk in exchange for the convenience and added protection the PowerSkin gives you.

PowerSkin UK cater to a variety of phones, such as the Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation along with Blackberry and iPhone cases. I received the Nexus S 4G case as that’s the only one they have, although here in the UK we don’t have a 4G variant of the handset. It still fit my device perfectly as according to Google’s phone gallery, they both have the same dimensions. If you’re considering one head on over and have a look, you can also go here for those of you in America.


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Powerskin Products at Amazon – US

Powerskin Products at Amazon – UK

  • My wife just got me one as a Christmas gift (normally these things wait, but extenuating circumstances…) and I love it. It does add bulk. But for me it’s worth the trade off.

  • Abent60

    I bought a Power Skin 3 months ago, for my galaxy s 2. The Power Skin will no longer accept a charge. I tried contacting the company, but they will not return my calls or my emails. Needless to say I’m not happy with this product or the company.

  • Dave

    I got a powerskin when I got my Galaxy S 2 skyrocket right before Christmas because the battery life for the phone was short. The skin gave me extended battery life for about two weeks until it would no longer take a charge. AT&T store replaced it with no issue. Three months later I was back for a third go round. Again AT&T store replaced it with no issue. The newest one is already acting flaky (1st week). My recommendation is don’t waste your money/time and keep a charger handy for your “mobile”.