Xoom receives software update, sadly not ICS


This might be helpful to any Verizon Xoom owners out there. It appears that Big Red has released a minor software update for their Honeycomb tablet, and much to our disdain, it’s not a surprise Ice Cream Sandwich release. Nevertheless, the update is essentially aimed at users that want to use the Xoom on a pay-as-you-go plan. So if you’re someone that only wants to use Vzw’s 4G LTE here and there, today is your lucky day.

As the update itself is only 8.9MB, it shouldn’t take long to install. It’ll be rolling out OTA over the next few weeks, so keep checking your Xoom for that update notification.

So, is anyone excited about the update? Who’s planning to pick up a 4G LTE Xoom for the holidays? Drop a comment below!

Source AndroidCommunity


  1. Any word on when something will be coming to Canada. all we ever hear about is upgrades to the US models it is almost like non-Us as they call us do not exist in the motorola world. yes motorola you do sell outside of the US how about giving us some support and information.

  2. Wow you can tell Verizon doesn’t care about the samsung fascinate gingerbread update if they upgrade the “pay as you go” motorola zoom. Screw Verizon bastards