Lookout weighs in on Carrier IQ: “Not malicious but alarming”


One of Lookout’s principal engineers, Tim Wyatt, took to the company’s blog to weigh in on the situation surround Carrier IQ and the logging of keystrokes.  According to Wyatt, Lookout has not found Carrier IQ to be malicious in its practice although he did recognize that it does capture keystrokes on devices although they do not  appear to be sending them to the wireless carriers.

Wyatt doesn’t give Carrier IQ a complete pass for their actions, pointing to concern that most consumers are “neither aware of its presence on their mobile devices, nor of the level of data that is being collected”.  Lookout would like to see a “a clear opt-out path” for users wishing to maintain a level of privacy and we’re all for that.  Assuming the intentions are good and the execution is clean, we’d still like the option to refuse participation.

Read more of Tim Wyatt’s post on Lookout’s blog.


  1. There is an article I found on how to remove Carrier IQ from Android devices.  I tried it on my Atrix and it doesn’t seem to be running anymore.  It was masked on my phone as Fake Blur. http://www.android-advice.com/2011/remove-carrier-iq-ciq-keylogger-on-android/

  2. No matter what color lipstick you put on that pig, it’s still a pig. 

    Spyware is spyware.  And it’s especially bad when we are not informed it is there before we buy the product and cannot turn it off after we learn it’s there.

    If Sprint doesn’t remove it completely by early next spring, my whole family will be using another service.