Time Warner Cable brings their TWC TV app to Android tablets, live streaming coming soon

Time Warner Cable brings their TWC TV app to Android tablets, live streaming coming soon

Time Warner Cable has made good on its promise to release an Android app, and while it doesn’t include the most important feature (and is only compatible with tablets) it’s better than nothing. The TWC TV app will turn your Android tablet into a glorified remote control allowing you to view program listings for up to 7 days, change channels on compatible set-top boxes, search for programming by title or episode, and even schedule and manage upcoming DVR recordings.

Those are certainly a few nice features, but I’m betting you noticed a very important feature missing from that list — live streaming. This is a huge disappointment to just about everyone, but it’s been said that live streaming will only be available with Android 4.0. While it does suck, it makes sense and they are right to wait — considering Android 4.0 is everything Honeycomb was supposed to be.

Now comes the fun part (can you feel the sarcasm?). In order to enjoy the benefits of this service, you must first meet a long list of prerequisites (and that’s even if the service is available in your area). For starters, you must own an Android tablet running Honeycomb — and while the app has only been tested and approved for the Motorola XOOM and Samsung Galaxy Tab, it should work on other Honeycomb tablets with a 1280×800 resolution. Once you’ve checked that off the list, other requirements include:

  • Time Warner Cable video package at the Standard (Expanded Basic) level or higher
  • Compatible set-top box or DVR running the Time Warner Cable “Navigator” interactive program guide (Motorola iGuide equipment is currently unsupported)
  • Internet connection (WiFi or 3G)
  • Time Warner Cable user name and password

I’ve heard the list of supported DVR boxes is very slim so you may want to check with TWC before banging your head against the wall. So, while your not going to be able to watch your favorite show while on the can, you can at least show off your fancy new remote the next time someone stops by.

The TWC TV app is available for free in the Android Market and can be downloaded by following the link below. Good luck!

Source: Engadget


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  1. Adam
    December 05, 22:36 Reply

    Those are nice features but even if they
    included Live streaming there are too many restrictions to make it a good
    service. I am sure it will be restricted to the home network. The list of
    streaming channels is woefully short at about 35 total channels. I have a Sling
    Adapter connected to my DISH Network DVR. With it I can stream all of the
    channels I subscribe to over any 3g, 4g or WIFI network. That is over 250
    channels any where I go as well as full streaming access to all of my DVR
    recordings too. There are not many device restrictions because it works on any
    compatible iOS, Android or Blackberry device. Even if Time Warner adds streaming
    they will have a long way to go before it is a quality TV Everywhere offering.

  2. Johnfmiller2
    December 06, 20:01 Reply

    I cannot seem to associate my android device with your service.

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