Gingerbread now on more than 50 percent of Android devices


The latest platform figures are out, and as expected, Gingerbread leads the pack. Gingerbread is now on more than 50 percent of Android devices while Android 4.0 is as absent as an official Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date. Froyo continues to decline but still remains second in command with a 35.3 percent stake. Surprisingly there are still .8 percent of devices that simply refuse to die and continue to run Android 1.5.

These numbers help developers make decisions about which OS versions to support and reflect the number of Android devices that have accessed the Android Market within a 14-day period usually ending on the 1st. What I want really want to know is — where are the last of the Cupcakehicans? Come on, don’t be shy, give a proud shout out in the comments!

Source: Android Developers


  1. Will not be buying another samsung product again since my vibrant is the last smartphone or nearly last besides at&t version to get updated to gingerbread if at all. Samsung made me update 2.1 to 2.2 thru stupid kies with lame instructions barely worked. Now my 2.2 is freaking cant hit display now shows error and foreclosure. Time to update since not buying sam’s again whats next best phone if I want to stay and upgrade with tmobile or leave tmobile and grab sprint by years end?