Google employees and their Nexus S phones are treated to Ice Cream Sandwich OTA over the weekend

Google employees and their Nexus S phones are treated to Ice Cream Sandwich OTA over the weekend

In a process called “eating your own dog food,” Google employees with a Nexus S began receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich OTA on Friday. “Dog fooding” is a process in which companies and their employees use the products they make. This not only ensures reliability, but exhibits the confidence a company has in its products. This is good news, as it means Ice Cream Sandwich OTA’s for the public are not far off. If employees are now using the OTA, then Google must feel confident enough that the software is ready to go. The question now — “When will the public see it?” I’m guessing everyone is waiting on Verizon’s release of the Galaxy Nexus before giving the go-ahead on future ICS devices and OTAs, but their could also be a plethora of reason for delays to the public.

If you own a Nexus S and are waiting on the official OTA, I would start getting excited because I have a feeling it’s right around the corner. It’s also refreshing to see Google keeping up with its promise to update nexus devices first as this is a huge reason why people choose to purchase them.

It’s so close I can taste it…

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