Financial Times launches beta app for Android

Those of you who enjoy reading the Financial Times will be happy to know they have finally released a beta app for Android. While the app is in beta form and you may experience bugs, it still offers a variety of features and optimization. Currently the app only supports devices running Android 2.2 – 3.2 (no ICS love just yet) and features:

  • Regular content updates and offline access – the app automatically refreshes content which is stored to read offline.
  • Automatic updates – instant product improvements without the user having to download a new version.
  • All access – one registration or subscription will offer customers access to FT content through a range of mobile devices or on a desktop computer.
  • Speed – the native elements of the app offer a seamless experience on Android devices.
  • Comprehensive content – access to a wide-range of FT content, including blogs and graphics.
  • Navigation – a brand new navigation design optimised for large tablets.

The app is free to download and offers users of the free service eight articles per month as well as access to their portfolio. Subscribers and Premium Subscribers will receive unlimited access on all outlets along with any premium content available at their current level of subscription. As stated earlier, the app is in beta (you’ll notice the all caps “BETA” in the name) and hasn’t been tested on every Android phone (yea, there’s a lot of them) but they encourage users to leave feedback regarding any issues along with the device model they were using so that they can do their best to fix them.

To start enjoying the Financial Times on your Android device simply follow the link below. Enjoy!