Popular TV guide app i.TV guides its way to the Android Market

Popular TV guide app i.TV guides its way to the Android Market

The guys behind the popular TV guide app i.TV have experienced much success on the iOS platform and hope to carry that over to Android (the “i” moniker certainly isn’t going to earn them any brownie points here). Released yesterday, i.TV for Android is available for free and supports just about every Android device (1.6+). This popular TV guide app integrates with Netflix, Comcast, TiVo, Hulu and offers features such as:

  • Local TV listings based on your service provider (US and Canada).
  • TiVo DVR remote scheduling.
  • Netflix search interface: Miss an episode of your favorite show? i.TV helps you find it on Netflix.
  • Netflix controls: add shows to your Netflix disc and instant queue.
  • Bookmark feature for favorite shows.
  • Entertainment news that updates in real-time and filters by favorite shows.
  • IMDb and Wikipedia: one-touch direct access to show information on both.
  • Smart Lists, such as New Shows and Emmy Winners.

With Millions of TV fans already enjoying the i.TV service it will be interesting to see how it fares on Android. The app is free and worth a look, simply guide your way to the link below and give i.TV for Android a click.


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