Santa Dash helps pass the time this holiday season

Santa Dash helps pass the time this holiday season

If you’re into holiday-themed games, this might interest you. Smarter Apps has just released Santa Dash, a fun game that’s sure to help you out in those boring situations. The object of the game is simple: Santa is running late on Christmas Eve, and it’s your job to help him get as many presents into homes as possible. But he doesn’t have time to slide down millions of chimneys, so he and the reindeer must fly across rooftops, avoiding obstacles as they go. Controlling his speed is the key object here. Too fast, and you could hit a chimney. Too slow, and you won’t get very far.

The game is free in the Android Market, and you can give it a try for yourself by using the box below. Let us know what you think about Santa Dash by dropping a comment after the break!

Thanks to Sean for the tip!



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