March 26, 2015

Google updates trio of their Android apps (Goggles, Maps, Google+)


Google has updated three of their Android applications today with Maps, Google+, and Google Goggles each getting new features.  While Google Maps (6.0.1) is strictly made up of bug fixes and stability enhancements, Google Goggles and Google+ are a little more meaty.

Google Goggles (1.7) now allows for faster and improved results with better text recognition, and a new continuous mode.  As is the case with typical features of Goggles the non-stop scanning works best with books, products, brands, and landmarks.  It’s worth noting that Continuous mode does not allow for search history nor does it offer translation of foreign text.  For those you will need to revert to Snapshot mode.

Google+ adds in a number of features that desktop users have come to love including the ability to +1 photos and comments.  Additional details include support for high-res photos and video (again), as well as links to posts or profiles that open within the app.  Rounding out the list are the capability to see if someone is online and currently typing in Messenger conversations.

Download and install each of these Google apps for free for your Android smartphone and tablets today!




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  1. Nobuyuki Sakamoto

    Every time Maps is updated, it seems to put  so much extra on the device, it gives the low storage warning.  It’s too bad Google’s applications can’t be split onto the microSD card.

  2. dana

    hey can anyone tell me how 2 connect my wi fi 4 the android tablet? where do i find the wap code? helpppppppppppp!


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