More Galaxy Nexus: Instant update, user guide, and more December 9th launch evidence

I sure hope you’re not sick of hearing about the Galaxy Nexus because we’ve still got two days left to stuff you up. We’ve got more evidence of a December 9th launch, a complete user guide, and an update you’ll be prompted to complete after your purchase (did I mention all this great info comes courtesy of the great guys over at Droid-Life).

Verizon‘s equipment guide has been updated to show an “official” December 9th launch for the Galaxy Nexus which practically solidifies this as the day you’ll be picking one up.

Next up we have the complete Galaxy Nexus user guide for you to begin familiarizing yourself (as if you need any more ‘familiarizing’ at this point) with your next device. Should make for great bedtime reading material.


Last but not least, customers who purchase their Galaxy Nexus this Friday will be prompted to complete a 3-5 minute update before leaving the store. If you choose to leave and update later, you will be met with an annoying reminder every 30 minutes. No big deal right? What’s another 3-5 minutes after already waiting like what seems forever.

What the hell, let’s thrown some more in for good measure. Android Central has pointed out that according to Galaxy Nexus training material: customers may want to avoid battery swapping as it may result in a “less than an optimal experience.” This has to do with the fact that “the NFC chip within the battery must register a token between the device and the battery each time the battery is swapped.” I’m sure most of us will be able to deal with whatever delay results in the chip needing to “register a token.” Personally, I recommend just grabbing the 2100 mAh extended battery and cover to keep you going all day.

I’m sure there’s tons more to come but I’ll give you time to breath (and read your manual) before you end up going into Galaxy Nexus arrest.

Source: Droid-Life, Android Central