Beautiful Widgets becomes the first paid app on the Android Market to reach 1 million downloads

Beautiful Widgets becomes the first paid app on the Android Market to reach 1 million downloads

I hope there’s a lot of celebrating going on over at LevelUp Studio. Today, the France based small company reached a monumental milestone yet to be achieved by any other paid app in the Android Market. Thanks to their ‘beautiful widgets’ and a nice push by the $.10 app of the day promotion — Beautiful Widgets has become the first paid app to reach 1 million downloads. Bravo! All I can say is “Wow!” Great job guys!

I guess something can be said about Beautiful Widgets and Android as one of the main aspects that has attracted so many people to Android just happens to be what BW is all about — personalization. They have now helped over 1 million Android users personalize their home screens with their ‘beautiful’ clock widget, clock and weather widget, weather widgets, date widgets and more…

On behalf of AndroidGuys and Android users around the world, we’d like to say thanks! If you’d like more info on LevelUp Studio and their amazing apps, just hit the link below after a ‘small’ infograph and brief video to commemorate their achievement.


Source: LevelUp Studio


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