DROID Bionic update gets closer as Verizon makes support documents available

DROID Bionic update gets closer as Verizon makes support documents available

An immense bug fixer is on its way for all you DROID Bionic users. Verizon has posted the support documents for software update 5.5.893 for the DROID Bionic, which means — the rollout isn’t far behind. Users should start getting the update within the next two weeks or so and will be happy to know it takes care of a lot of the issues many have been experiencing. Below you’ll see the first page of what’s coming, followed by a link to the full list, and instructions on how to get it when it becomes available.

Source: Verizon via Droid-Life

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  1. Dustin Lane
    December 09, 14:20 Reply

    Downloaded the Leaked OTA – quick install, super long load the first reboot.  Tested the camera, and that alone is a huge improvement.   No more head phone squeal, and i seem to be transitioning between 3g/4g in my area a whole lot better.   Reboots quicker after the first one to.  

    Moved about 10 apps to media area, none have disappeared or given the “app not installed on device” junk when launching from recent tray or app tray or home screens.

    Looking good.     droidmodderx had the leaked ota up earliar today – i snagged it via megaupload this morning, not sure if its still up.

  2. mluhring
    December 10, 12:21 Reply

    Actually got the 5.5.893 update this morning.  No more whine in the headphones.  Camera is super fast.  Finally usable.  Haven’t had time to verify the data connection stability, but seems better. Nice update.  I am sure people will be very happy.  Keep the faith all!

  3. John c
    December 15, 13:10 Reply

    I just got the update 12-15-2011 in Indiana, but they did
    not fix the Bluetooth.  It still skips
    about 3 times a song when listening with Bluetooth headphones.  I tried 2 different Bluetooth head sets and
    both failed.  Both headsets worked
    perfectly with my friends HTC Rezound.  I
    wanted to use Bluetooth because the audio out of the head phone jack had pops
    between the songs and a hiss all the time. 
    This is not a good phone for listening to music.

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