September 22, 2014

Here we go again - Rumored December 9th launch not looking good for the Galaxy Nexus [Consolation Contest Closed]


Here we go again folks, another rumored Galaxy Nexus launch date not looking good. The blogosphere was pretty confident about the last rumored December 9th launch date — as overwhelming evidence began popping up everywhere — but it now seems that date will also come and go. Earlier today, Droid-Life began getting reports that the Galaxy Nexus was no longer going to launch on the 9th. There were no reasons given for the push-back, and most were skeptical, until an updated Verizon equipment guide (it showed the 9th yesterday) showed the change with an updated Galaxy Nexus launch date as “coming soon.”

Although Verizon never “officially” announced a launch date, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed. All the pictures, leaked info, and unboxings have made Verizon customers more anxious than ever and this latest news was a real party crasher (and nobody likes a party crasher). We might as well speculate about the delay:

  • Verizon had to delay the launch due to the 4G LTE issues they’ve been experiencing.
  • Verizon has delayed the release because of the bad press they received after it was revealed that they weren’t going to support Google Wallet — and in a last minute attempt to redeem themselves — they are working with Google to get it working (I know, I’m dreaming).
  • Verizon is pissed that the Galaxy Nexus launch info leaked out so now they’re going to make retailers hold onto the units until they feel like “surprising” us.
  • Verizon just wants to extend their “exclusivity” time and keep it out of the hands of other carriers by keeping it unreleased for as long as possible.
  • They’re trying desperately to remove Carrier IQ before someone discovers their evil lies.
  • They’re trying to figure out how to put Bing on it

I can think of a hundred ridiculous reasons for their refusal to release but I’ll make this fun and ask you guys to come up with a few. Make us laugh or come up with something crafty and I’ll give away an awesome Android t-shirt from AndroidSwag to one of my favorites. Since the rumored December 9th date seems to be a bust, I’ll leave the contest open until 11:59pm EST December 9th. Let’s have fun with this one!

Congratulations to dustin evans whose Kayne/Taylor Swift reference won him a t-shirt from AndroidSwag:

They’re waiting because Kanye West interrupted Verizon’s launch date announcement and they’re still waiting for him to shut the hell up.

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