Here we go again – Rumored December 9th launch not looking good for the Galaxy Nexus [Consolation Contest Closed]

Here we go again folks, another rumored Galaxy Nexus launch date not looking good. The blogosphere was pretty confident about the last rumored December 9th launch date — as overwhelming evidence began popping up everywhere — but it now seems that date will also come and go. Earlier today, Droid-Life began getting reports that the Galaxy Nexus was no longer going to launch on the 9th. There were no reasons given for the push-back, and most were skeptical, until an updated Verizon equipment guide (it showed the 9th yesterday) showed the change with an updated Galaxy Nexus launch date as “coming soon.”

Although Verizon never “officially” announced a launch date, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed. All the pictures, leaked info, and unboxings have made Verizon customers more anxious than ever and this latest news was a real party crasher (and nobody likes a party crasher). We might as well speculate about the delay:

  • Verizon had to delay the launch due to the 4G LTE issues they’ve been experiencing.
  • Verizon has delayed the release because of the bad press they received after it was revealed that they weren’t going to support Google Wallet — and in a last minute attempt to redeem themselves — they are working with Google to get it working (I know, I’m dreaming).
  • Verizon is pissed that the Galaxy Nexus launch info leaked out so now they’re going to make retailers hold onto the units until they feel like “surprising” us.
  • Verizon just wants to extend their “exclusivity” time and keep it out of the hands of other carriers by keeping it unreleased for as long as possible.
  • They’re trying desperately to remove Carrier IQ before someone discovers their evil lies.
  • They’re trying to figure out how to put Bing on it

I can think of a hundred ridiculous reasons for their refusal to release but I’ll make this fun and ask you guys to come up with a few. Make us laugh or come up with something crafty and I’ll give away an awesome Android t-shirt from AndroidSwag to one of my favorites. Since the rumored December 9th date seems to be a bust, I’ll leave the contest open until 11:59pm EST December 9th. Let’s have fun with this one!

Congratulations to dustin evans whose Kayne/Taylor Swift reference won him a t-shirt from AndroidSwag:

They’re waiting because Kanye West interrupted Verizon’s launch date announcement and they’re still waiting for him to shut the hell up.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon is holding off on releasing it for fear that Apple has a patent on releasing phones.

  • Anonymous

    So is this going to be the first Nexus phone that’s not running pure stock Android?

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s vanilla… Verizon just added on two sprinkles (My Verizon and Backup Assistant… they can both be disabled). Updates will still come from Google without a delay.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but if it’s not possible to install every single Google app from the Android Marketplace then it’s not pure Android. Normally Android software versions intended for the various Nexus phones don’t go through any carrier testing. Google does their own internal testing and then the update is pushed directly to all Nexus phones just like with the unlocked AT&T compatible version of the Nexus One.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure I agree with that… After all, there’s no NFC standard, and I don’t see the *current* lack of Google Wallet as being a huge issue. I mean, where do you plan on using it? Verizon is going to wait to see the chips fall where they may, and I think you’ll eventually see ISIS and GW running on the Nexus.

          Besides, my understanding is that the lack of GW support has nothing to with the software (meaning VZW didn’t f$¢& with the code) and everything to do with legality (they haven’t signed a necessary agreement, so the market automatically won’t display GW to Verizon customers). No recoding = vanilla android. Even if that’s not the case, just root away and give Verizon the finger.

          Now, I’d totally agree with you if they made the default search engine Bing… not like they’d do that, of course (I’m typing on my Fascinate lol).

  • Phsv

    Trying to get rid of all Droid inventory

  • Anonymous

    I read that Verizon somehow violated an agreement with Google when they agreed to sell this phone. Something to the effect that they would allow ALL apps to be available on all Android devices. So I’m guessing that Google has brought this up with Google Wallet and Verizon has somehow made an argument to validate its absence.

  • Anonymous
  • Juan8016

    Aliens from another galaxy loved the galaxy nexus n they came and stole all the phoned 🙂

  • Steve Wozniak is not done reverse engineering his Galaxy Nexus yet

  • Anonymous

    They are waiting because they:

    1: want to make the name worse (nexus prime was the best), but a lot of needed paperwork still needs to be filled out.

    2: they are trying to work more “easter eggs” in, and except in stead of something funny/neat it will be in the form of some sort of bloatware and/or way to make money. I.e. When you search for or install google wallet, it will automatically replace it with Isis but nobody will be able to explain why

    3: they want to have other phones announced/released so when people go to buy it they will say “why would you want that dusty old thing? It’s been out over seas forever! Check out this droid 4! And this other droid will be out in just a few short weeks!”

    4: they want people to come down with bionic fever (not get the phone out of spite) “yeah, I would have gotten it… If it came out 6 months ago when it was supposed to! ”

    5: So they can trick people into buying refurbished old phones “oh you’re looking for the galaxy phone? Here it is *hands customer a fascinate* it just got a new version of android Os too! *fails to mention it’s gingerbread NOT ICS* such a great phone! ”

  • They’re waiting because Kanye West interrupted Verizon’s launch date announcement and they’re still waiting for him to shut the hell up. 

  • I agree with this article! We need the nexus to launch!!  

    VZW needs to get 4G back up and get this phone out the door to make it up to their customers. VZW is getting at a point were they are forgetting about their subs.

  • Martin S Shepherd

    My theory is that the aliens who live among us are affected by the 4G radio signal.  So, the Alien Secret Society (ASS) sends it’s Special Warfare Electronic Gremlin (SWEG) teams out to the manufacturers of 4G devices to screw with the manufacturing process.  When that failed they changed tactics to assault Verizon’s 4G service directly!  They were especially concerned with the Galaxy Nexus because it had “Galaxy” in the name – although, they also did not like the “thunderbolt!”

    This is the true reason that Verizon’s 4G service experienced a nationwide outage last week.  We should expect future outages as well!

    The Men in Black were able to cover up the incidents…

  • Anonymous

    The elfs in Santa’s workshop have been stockpiling them to sell on ebay.

  • They’re to busy playing SimCity for Android.

  • Dreamcasting

    Contest theory: Verizon is fighting with Google it can’t be called the “Verizon Nexus”, since Verizon is all about the experience they offer.

    Real theory: Some high up executive at Verizon got all butthurt their surprise was ruined, so they delayed the phone launch as a control move.

  • Raf

    They are frantically tracking down all of the launch-day stock, mistakenly dropped off by non-tech savvy deliverymen, at Dairy Queens across the U.S.