The Next Big Thing – Movies & Music [VIDEO]

Samsung has released another commercial from their “Next Big Thing” ad campaign, this time focusing on music and movies.  As you’ll see in the clip below, the Android guy running a Galaxy S II gets to pull his music and movies from a variety of sources and doesn’t need to spend 36 hours in line to do so.

What do you guys think of these commercials?  Are they effective in swaying people over to the Samsung and Android way of life or are they a waste of ad money?  We like to think it changes the way view the iPhone as compared to Android but we’re… you know… a little biased.

  • The360King

    I think they are hilarious. I also think they point out important functions of the phones, (something I don’t think Android manufacturers do enough of).  Manufacturers and carriers tend to point out the hardware of their phones, but not the functional uses that would motivate people to buy them.  The hardware specs are selling points for geeks and gadget collectors, but not the “common man”.

    • All those GHz and RAM doesn’t really matter to “common man.” What matters is how the phone can contribute in making their life easier.

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  • Aading09

    Not only are these commercials funny, but so true. Good for Samsung.

    • Yeah, I love Samsung phone, save for its plastic chassis. I hope they design phone which has a more sturdy structure.