4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 headed to Verizon?

While Verizon continues to deprive us of the one thing we want, they certainly have no shortage of Android powered tablets. It now appears another will join the ranks among Verizon‘s inventory. According to these images acquired by Droid-Life, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 appears to be heading Verizon’s way, and it will be packing some 4G LTE goodness.

Many people still consider a tab in the 7″ range to possess the greatest form factor and considering the new Galaxy Tab 7.7 comes with a 1.4 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a 1280×800 Super AMOLED Plus display, its hardware looks to make a good match. We know the Galaxy tab 7.7 will at least come with Honeycomb (you’ll notice the tab doesn’t have any soft keys) but it would be all the sweeter if it came with Android 4.0. Usually this would be the part where we talk about price, but considering this is on Verizon, I believe the main draw will be its subsidized price (retail will still be outrageous I’m sure).

What do you guys think? 7.7″ form factor, Super AMOLED Plus display, Verizon’s 4G LTE — is this worth a look, or just another tab destined for failure?

Source: Droid-Life

  • Parkg626

    Crap..not jumping the T-Mobile ship for it. I’m sure Verizon will find a way to gut consumers pockets for it. It’ll be also rocking phone call capabilities too, which is what I’m doing with my unlocked rooted 7″ galaxy tab now

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  • Cori93437

    I really want a phone capable tab. I think that the Galaxy Tab 7 would be perfect… BUT, I can’t see voiding my warranty and hacking it just to make it do something that it’s supposed to do anyway (make phone calls!). 

    And there is a part of me that simply says “NO! I will not support the phone companies jerking me around and telling me that I have to buy and pay for service on two separate devices!” because they have stripped the capabilities of one of them. I even had a talk with Verizon about the Galaxy Tab 7 and was told that “they had no knowledge of the device being phone capable”. Seriously? And they talked my mother-in-law into the whole two device deal by lying to her and telling her that it wasn’t possible to have a phone and tab in one, they had to be separate devices because of the way the technology worked. UGH> I just wish she has asked me before spending all that money. 
    This probably means that I will leave Verizon for AT&T with their Galaxy Note… smaller, but definitely with it’s full capabilities intact. Unless Verizon suddenly changes their policy and offers a Tab with phone as it is intended… but honestly at this point I really just don’t want to stay with them. I’m really disappointed in how they are handling and portraying this whole thing.  

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