Amazon to issue software update to Kindle Fire in “next two weeks”


Amazon, in hearing the complaints of the first wave of users, promises to issue a software update “in less than two weeks”.  Expected to address a number of pain points, this new update would fall only a month or so after its last 6.2 release.  So what’s the problem with the Kindle Fire? As it turns out there are a few things which can be fixed via software.

Spend a bit of time with the Kindle Fire and you’ll notice that it’s impossible to edit the list of recently used items (books, apps, movies, etc).  This means that whenever your spouse, child, or friend picks it up to play with it, they will see exactly what you’ve been up to.

The power button is at the bottom of the Kindle Fire and it’s far too easy to accidentally bump it, even in casual reading mode.  Speaking of buttons, there are no physical volume buttons on the device and adjusting levels sometimes feels wonky.  And, although I’ve not encountered it myself, there are reports of unresponsive and/or slow responses to touches on the display.  All of these issues, and more,  can be addressed with a software update.  According to The Verge, there should also be a performance boost in the Silk browser, which has not quite delivered on the promises set forth by Amazon.

There have been rumors of additional sizes for Kindle Fires in the coming months so hopefully Amazon is looking at different hardware options.  It would be silly to reproduce the exact same experience with only larger displays.  If it were up to us the next model(s) would also include volume buttons,  Bluetooth, and microSD expansion at the very least.

New York Times


  1. The biggest problem is the terrible connectivity issues. On my home network, the DL speeds can vary from 18-20 mbps all the way down to 1 or 2. And sometimes it says it’s connected, yet there is no throughput. I’ve gotten sick of seeing the little WIFI icon with the “x” on the lower part. The device needs to be able to connect smoothly and seamlessly. It’s freakin’ 2011. WiFi has been out a long ass time. How can this be a problem?!

  2. “And, although I’ve not encountered it myself, there are reports of unresponsive and/or slow responses to touches on the display.”

    Y’know I keep reading a variation on this statement. Everyone has heard these reports of unresponsive touches to the display, but no one has them on their own Fires. I don’t. My girlfriend has seen this. My brother hasn’t. My buddy hasn’t. Those are all the Fires that I know of in the wild.

    So leave a message if your Fire is unresponsive. Let’s see how widespread the problem really is. 

      • Purchased one for my girlfriend and and the thing lags like CRAZY. I dont have anything to compare it to other than my EVO 4G, but my evo literally responds to swipes and clicks when browsing websites twice as fast. i was praying their first update would be soon. 

  3. As a brand new e-reader I absolutely love the device. It is a miracle for readers with vision issues and for lazy eye readers at night in bed and a dozen other fixes to read. I am hooked on reading. Sorry paper delivery boy, sorry to magazine subscriptions and even buying on occasion a comic book to read to my grand baby. It is a winner in every shape and form. However there are tweaks that could make it better. The volume control is a PITA. I would love an application for my lazy eyes at night when I just want to finish up the last few pages of a chapter but my droopy eyes will not read another word! There should be a variety of ways to play with the desktop to sort your items, apps, books, games, music and other apps such as pictures. The cloud/kindle apps to know where is where better. To be able to make your own folder on the desk top with favorites and to put read books. Or even better to be able to write over the face of any book you own a note like read on and finished what date. You can download a book but when your done a more organized way to store it for later after its read to get it out of the system and store it in a folder so its out of the way. In general the book reader out of the gate is A HOME RUN!!

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