Huawei becomes first manufacturer to push out an Android 4.0 update, and no, the device is not available in the U.S.


  • Google’s latest and greatest OS announced outside of the U.S. — check!
  • First device to feature Google’s latest and greatest OS released outside of the U.S. — check!.
  • First device to be updated to Google’s latest and greatest OS not available in the U.S. — check!

Those are some mighty achievements for Google, a company that was not only started in the U.S. but also houses the core team of developers who began Android (let the foaming at the mouth begin). I’ll avoid going off into a rant and just let you all know that Chinese manufacturer Huawei has achieved what no other OEM has yet to achieve: they have released an Ice Cream Sandwich update to one of their devices (of course the devices isn’t available in the U.S.). An Android 4.0 “demo build” update is now available for owners of the Huawei Honor and can be had by visiting the Huawei Honor support page.

So if the Huawei Honor isn’t available in the U.S. and the U.S. still doesn’t have any devices with ICS — why is this news? Well, because it is, and because the more we write about how badly Google has failed its U.S. Android user base by not ensuring certain stipulations/conditions/guidelines/ be set in place to avoid such carrier sabotage, the better chance we have of it never happening again.

Congratulations Huawei, a job well done.

Source: theunwired via phoneArena


  1. So, it is not ok if the US have to wait some weeks after the announcements, but it would be perfectly ok if other countries had to?

    Where were the screams of rage, when the original Droid was available in the US, but the rest of the world had to wait, just to get the Milestone with its locked bootloader and the crappiest update policy ever?

    Trust me, this won’t be the last thing where the glorious US have to back down.

  2. Big deal; in no particular order:
    Google Current only available in the U.S. — check!
    Google Voice only available in the U.S. — check!Google TV only available in the U.S. — check!
    Google Wallet only available in the U.S. — check!Google Music only available in the U.S. — check!
    and others…

    Of course there’s understandable reasons in most of these cases as separate agreements need to be made with third parties in each country – and the same seems to apply with the Galaxy Nexus (i.e. Verizon).

  3. You could try sounding less like a whining spoilt brat. Suck it up. Having things launch only in the US is what people in the entire rest of the world have to deal with everyday. We still survive.

    Also, perhaps you could have answered your rhetorical question of “why is this still news?” with “because this blog is on the internet, which is global, and some of our readers are outside the US.” Way to make your audience feel like you care about them.