Huawei Sonic launches as an Android prepaid goPhone for AT&T, drops the Sonic in place of Fusion

Huawei Sonic launches as an Android prepaid goPhone for AT&T, drops the Sonic in place of Fusion

Those of you looking for a low-tier prepaid Android solution may be interested in the new Huawei Fusion. The Fusion started off as the Huawei Sonic and was earlier pictured by pocketnow sporting AT&T branding. It was later learned that the Huawei Sonic was in fact the Huawei Fusion, an Android AT&T prepaid goPhone launched a few days ago.

The Fusion isn’t your run of the mill powerhouse Android phone, but suits the most basic smartphone needs on a low-cost budget. The Fusion features a 3.5″ HVGA display, 600MHz processor, 3.2MP camera, running Android 2.3.3. The phone should be available at your local Walmart and is priced just over $100. As part of the goPhone family, you get to choose your own pay-as-you-go plan free of contracts with easily refillable minutes. This certainly isn’t going to be the Android phone most of you will be looking for, but it could make the perfect gift for someone on a budget. For more information just hit up the links below.

Source:Walmart via pocketnow

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  1. GiqueGEAR_Todd
    December 13, 01:29 Reply

    This is where Android trains the next generation of smartphone users.  My kids had the LG Neon GoPhones and with the exception of losing your phone number after 60 days of inactivity, it’s a great learning experience.

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