Nielsen provides insight into app popularity by age


Nielsen has released a new set of data which looks at the popularity of Android applications across various age groups.  What does the study tell us?  Well, for starters, Facebook is the most popular application no matter how old you might be.  Beating other hot games and apps like Angry Birds, Pandora, and Words With Friends, Facebook trails only the Android Market.

A few other tidbits we picked up as we glanced at the report is that the older you get the less we tend to use Pandora Radio.  On the contrary, the older the user, the more they are inclined to use the Amazon Appstore.

Take a look at the chart below and see if the list looks accurate; does it resemble your usage?



  1. Considering these guys can’t even track which TV shows are popular or not, I’m prepared for this data to be totally inaccurate.  For starters, I only have the top 2 apps in my age bracket actually installed.  So either I’m just a statistical anomaly, or this report is teh suk.