Get a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse from Motorola for an amazing $39.99 [Deal Alert]

If you’ve been looking for a nice wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for your Android tablet, you may want to seriously consider heading over to the Motorola store. Right now, Motorola is offering their wireless Bluetooth keyboard for $30 off its original price — but that’s not the best part — they are offering a free wireless Bluetooth mouse when you purchase the keyboard. That means you get the keyboard and mouse for the low price of $39.99. That’s a great deal, especially considering the mouse alone retails for $39.99. To top things off, there’s even a promo code from slickdeals that’ll save you an additional $7.

I consider a wireless keyboard and mouse to almost be a necessity for anyone looking to turn their tablet into a productivity machine, and to get both for less than $40 is just to good to pass up. If you hit up the links below and follow all the instructions, you’ll have yourself a complete wireless mobile setup for less than half of the retail cost. Thanks to Android Police for spotting this great deal!

Source: Motorola Store, slickdeals, via Android Police