Samsung Vibrant loses CyanogenMod support due to emergency dialing issues

Some bad news for any Samsung Vibrant users out there running CyanogenMod. It appears there are issues with the way the radio interface layer interacts with the audio layer and the result is the inability to dial 911. This isn’t a simple fix as it requires Samsung to release the appropriate source code and since not being able to dial 911 is a huge problem (something that shouldn’t be ignored) CyanogenMod has decided to cease support for the Vibrant indefinitely. We can’t argue with their decision as it is most definitely the responsible thing to do. It’s just an unfortunate situation and one that only affects AOSP-based ROM’s. CyanogenMod is “highly recommending” Vibrant users switch to a Samsung ROM in its place and apologizes for the inconvenience (no apology needed guys, not your fault).

We are no longer supporting the Vibrant due to the inability to dial 911. We consider the issues related to this unresolvable without source code from Samsung related to the Radio interface layer and its interactions with the Audio layers and have taken the decision to no longer support this. We apologize for the inconvenience and strongly suggest that Vibrant users use a Samsung ROM due to the 911 issues with any ROMs based on open source code.

I know most of you dread losing CM on your Vibrant but believe me — it’s better than losing the ability to get help in an emergency. Let’s just hope Samsung releases the source code so that the CM team can pick up where they left off and continue providing the excellent support we’ve come to enjoy.

Source: +Abhisek Devkota via Android Central

  • Tony Archer

    CM is more important. Step 1 google local police station phone number in crisis.  Step 2 dial. 

  • Anonymous

    Non Nexus Samsung phones always were total crap. Great hardware, lousy software developers.

  • Guest

    Sort of ironic since Cyanogen works for Samsung.

  • Samsung should fix this problem soon. They won’t want to keep consumers waited until they update their phones into CM ROM.

    • Except Samsung doesn’t want people to run CM or any other custom ROM so they aren’t likely to rush to fix this problem (release the source code that is currently proprietary) and in general I think it’s unlikely they will do so at all.

      • I generally hate Samsung because of its plastic devices and now this?

  • @BrendanMcCluske

    Does dialing 911 via Google Voice work? I’d rather keep CM.

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  • Tori

    I just found out I cant call 911 on my Galaxy SII Skyrocket, after I was in a car accident. =(