Update begins rolling out to HTC Amaze 4G Owners, WiFi calling included

Update begins rolling out to HTC Amaze 4G Owners, WiFi calling included

Yesterday, T-Mobile began rolling out a software update to HTC Amaze 4G owners. The update will slowly reach all users with a completion date of January 20, 2012. The update has a few improvements along with a couple new features:

    New Features

  • IMS Wi-Fi Calling
  • Google Music
  • Improvements

  • Improvements to Bluetooth connection
  • Clock widget not updating with time zone change
  • Improvement to Twitter and Peep application
  • Improved Wi-Fi connection

The most notable addition is of course that of the IMS WiFi calling and will be a relief to many Amaze users. Since the update is going to be spread over the next month I suggest just sitting tight and not worrying about when it’s going to reach you — otherwise you’ll drive yourself nuts.

Source: T-Mobile via TmoNews

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  2. Guillermo Martinez
    December 13, 05:59 Reply

    Great News! I would surely be amaze if they will also send an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates, too.

    • maclifer
      December 13, 11:14 Reply

      I’m excited to know that 4.0 ICS will be in our future… that will make this already wonderful phone a brand new experience all over again.  I’m guessing we’ll probably see ICS around March 2012 but would really like it earlier… but who wouldn’t? :)

      • Guillermo Martinez
        December 13, 11:41 Reply

        People are going crazy over Galaxy Nexus because its the first phone to run ICS, when there are other phones in the market that sports better specs. I’ll stay with my phone and wait until it gets an ICS update.

  3. maclifer
    December 13, 11:13 Reply

    No need to wait!  You can manually download the update yourself.  I did yesterday – just use SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE > HTC Software updates and download it… only takes 5-10 minutes to download, install and be ready to roll.  One thing, though, is that you must have your 911 WiFi address setup already with T-Mobile.

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