Verizon to release LTE-ready Xperia PLAY


New information has landed online which suggest Verizon is nearing the release of a 4G  LTE version of the Xperia PLAY.  According to details obtained by Android Central, training sessions are taking place this week for the handset with a presumed launch in the near future.  What’s more, a second source has confirmed the existence of said phone with AC, however that’s the extent of the details.

Considering the growing library of optimized games, we like the idea of a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY with support for 4G LTE.  Assuming the rest of the specs stay in line with the current model we cannot imagine the price going too high.  Perhaps something in the $99-$149 price range and a reinvigorated ad campaign could jump start sales of the “PlayStation Phone”?

Android Central


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  2. Okay 4G great , but not so  much here in Uk with little support for it. Love my Xperia Play and when the contract expires in 14 months or so I can’t see how I could go to a non controller type phone, so let’s hope by that time there’s an Xperia Play 2 waiting to waggle it’s tiny joypad in the air and entice gamers in

  3. I have the Xperia play and I agree with gametrender. I have 14 months as well and I cannot imagine using any other phone…it is weird but the controllers make the phone the BEST phone out there period. Gaming on a touch screen is just useless.