Expect your first Verizon Galaxy Nexus update to arrive a couple hours after booting up

Expect your first Verizon Galaxy Nexus update to arrive a couple hours after booting up

Anyone who has gone out and purchased themselves a brand new Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus will undoubtedly be playing with it for hours on end. Since you will have a death grip on your new toy, you might as well keep a look out for Verizon’s first update to the device. You can expect the update to become available a couple hours after you first boot the device up. Software update ICL53F isn’t going to bring you Google Wallet or anything, but you’ll definitely want to update as quickly as possible since it will optimize your 3G/4G data sessions for faster response times. Other features include:

  • Optimized Mobile Hotspot when used with VPN.
  • Fixed an incorrect notification that “data was disconnected due to roaming.”
  • Wi-Fi now automatically reconnects when returning to a known Access Point.
  • Improvements to special visual effects feature when using front-facing camcorder.
  • Visual improvements to the lock screen.

For a full look at what’s new you can hit up the link below or take a gander at the support image below.

Source: Verizon Support

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  1. Paul Bolton
    December 15, 13:44 Reply

    actually you should get it within 10 minutes of activation. I got mine on the way home from the vzw store

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