Verizon’s first commercial for the Galaxy Nexus touts Google+ instead of the phone


The first commercial from Verizon to feature the Galaxy Nexus has arrived online which we’ve gone ahead and embedded below.  You’ll notice that the 30-second clip is more about Google+ as opposed to the phone itself, a move which we’re not sure we’re totally cool with.  We’d much rather see something that shows off Android 4.0 or the device’s hardware than one specific application that will be available for other phones in short order.

What about you?  Would this motivate you to head to Verizon with $300 in your pocket?


  1. As much as I don’t like how VZW handled the launch, I agree with what they are doing. Besides the geeks like us, no one cares about the hardware spec. And, it doesn’t matter if Google+ is available on other phones. TV commercials are usually for the un-informed — many of them might never hear about Google+ at all, even if they have an Android phone.

  2. BTW, where is the video?

    Anyways, I can’t believe that such a great phone is being first released on Verizon.  I would rather see it on a GSM carrier like T-Mobile.

  3. The first time I saw this commercial air I was stunned lol that this was the best way Verizon could come up with to market this amazing device . They should be ashamed seriously. First Verizon botched the launch, now they aren’t advertising it like they would one of their “Droid” phones… I almost wish they would’ve called it the Droid prime just so Verizon would pay attention to it.