Is Google prepping a Nexus tablet?


Might Google be preparing to enter the Android tablet game with an officially-backed tablet much like the Nexus handset series?  Depending on how much you read into the context and translation of the following, the answer is yes.  According to Google’s own Eric Schmidt, the company plans to rally behind a top-notch tablet.

“…in the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.”

Now, it’s entirely possible that this little translated phrase has been taken out of context and there’s nothing to report.  On the other hand, maybe what the Android tablet game needs is a benchmark development device with Google’s annual blessing.  We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one as it unfolds, and we suspect we’ll get clarification in short order.  Rumors like these tend to go one of  two ways rather quickly.  It would not surprise us to see Google unveil a Nexus tablet at Google IO in June.  Would it surprise you?

Tell us!

What do you think a tablet of “the highest quality” means?  What kind of specs would you like to see?  Who would you like to see develop the hardware?

Engadget |Slashgear (translated)


    • i dont think a Tablet would benefit from a curved design, if by curved you mean like the nexus? as then it would not lie flat on a surface and would be awkward, just my opinion.

      • Makes sense, however, I think most people uses their tablets with their hands and not on a hard flat surface. A curve design is also unique and protects the device from lawsuit–specially with Apple really going active in court.

  1. My hope for their meaning of “highest quality”
    4:3 aspect ratioQuad-core? hopefully something like the Kal-El
    Expandable and internal storage with higher options available to rival the 64 GB iPad
    Seagate’s Momentus Thin HDD or a large SSD
    Samsung’s flexible touchscreen technology (for the break resistance, not the gimmick)
    Upgradable RAM
    Standard USB or Micro USB charging port with mass storage capability and the ability to mount the tablet to other devices in mass storage mode. (saving us Linux users from the annoyance of proprietary desktop transfer software)
    User repairability
    Pre-rooted (we can dream, right?)
    Keyboard dock availability

    Obviously that’s all just a fleeting wish, not expectation, I mean, this will, presumably be a Motorola tablet, and we all know how awesome the Xoom was *eyeroll*