Who, what, where, when? WTF Apps

Welcome to the W.T.F. app reviews by me, Keivan also known as @bigkeivan on the twitters. Here you will read my very blunt and very honest reviews on apps.  This is my disclaimer: do not read these if you get offended easily as there may be things you like about my review and there may be things you do not care to hear.  What you get is my opinion.

These will be apps I download because they appeal to me. It might be because I can relate to the app in some form or fashion, or because the name or description tickles my fancy.  I plan to have a new post up every weekday to help you get through your work week, so make sure you become an avid reader. I am also looking for your explanations and your thoughts.  I want to know what you liked about my post, what you didn’t like, and feel free to defend the app in question. If you would like to hear reviews on particular apps please feel free to send me the name of the app, and if I feel like doing the review then BAM! you get to read it. My first post should be up later today, I look forward to hearing from my readers.