Jelly Defense gets a Christmas update full of reindeer and cookies


Infinite Games has released a Christmas update to their drop-dead gorgeous tower defense game, Jelly Defense, complete with cookies, reindeer, and new content.  The popular title, which has seen more than 100,000 downloads already, gets better with a new, endless level, a pair of winter levels, and a “new and cozy” music track.  Of course there’s also the minor performance enhancements and gameplay tweaks, but that’s generally expected from good developers.

Download Jelly Defense from the Android Market or Amazon Appstore for smartphones running 2.2 and above.


  • Two winter levels for Christmas evenings.
  • Challenging endless level.
  • New and cozy music track.
  • Increasing the difficulty after finishing the game isn’t mandatory anymore. You can now go
  • back to previous levels.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Minor gameplay adjustments.
  • Reindeers & cookies!


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