W.T.F. is Txt Msg Away?

“Sorry, busy writing a W.T.F. app review, Text me later.” That’s the message I set using a really awesome app called Txt Msg Away.  I have always wanted a personal assistant to reply to all my messages automatically but since I’m not rich I had to rely on my handy dandy cellular telephone.  Technology really amazes me, especially with this app.  I just tell it what to reply with and it lets the world know I’m busy (the world being defined as a few friends and my fiance, who text me from time to time).  Even though I don’t use it much, it sure is an easy way to tell people that I am doing something important and can not be disturbed.
The great thing about this app is that you still receive the text notification as well as the notification that tells you a response was sent to the person who sent you a message in the first place.  You might think its redundant, but I say its being thorough.  What T. F. have I been doing not using this gem from the day it was released? I say that if you want a good way to let people know you are important, download this app from the Android Market.  Do yourself a favor and download the full version, as it’s a small price to pay to show the “world” that you’re not just another nobody.
Tell me What T. F. you think, and why T.F. you think they abbreviated the first message in the app name. Is this a great app, or have I just played Angry Wife a few too many times?


  1. One can do the same via Locale (with a $.99 plugin) and probably Tasker as well.  I have Locale respond to text messages with a busy message when I’m in meetings, for instance.  It also mutes the volume so my presentations aren’t interrupted. 

  2. I’ve been using Tasker to do this since the week I installed it. It sends different messages based on time, day, phone volume, and contact.

  3. Glad I read all the comments first because I was gonna say (and it’s probably worthy of mentioning anyway) that this app is free from GetJar Gold right now.  I was using another type of auto response app, but this one is better.  Plus the full version is free so get on it.  I use it for driving in the car mostly.  Sometimes when I’m at an outing with my daughters or church.  That sort of thing is great for this app.  🙂  Plus you can save those really witty away messages you come up with.

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