HTC to give users extra DropBox storage with ICS?

HTC to give users extra DropBox storage with ICS?

We just got word from a reader (thanks, Tristan!) that’s quite interesting. He installed the Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich ROM that we told you about yesterday, and upon logging into DropBox, received the above email. He was surprised to learn that he’d been given an additional 48GB of storage, for “supercharging his HTC device with DropBox”. It’s unclear if this is part of the ROM, or if HTC and DropBox are giving users an incentive to choose Sense on their next Android device.

There’s no clear way to tell which rings true, at least for now. So has anyone else installed the ROM, and gotten the extra storage from DropBox? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. sam
    December 22, 14:38 Reply

    It’s no good if it only lasts a year. What do you do after that if you’ve filled it up?

  2. Anonymous
    December 22, 14:52 Reply

    It’s true! I’ve got an european htc sensation and i’ve just recieved the email from dropbox! Noè i have 53.5 GB

  3. Marc
    December 22, 15:42 Reply

    I can confirm the temporary increase in storage space. I have the Bell HTC Sensation 4G and I just got the email.

  4. Cong Nguyen
    December 22, 22:14 Reply

    I think the supercharging has to do with Sense 3.5 (in the ROM) instead of ICS

    • Wyngo Masala
      December 23, 16:26 Reply

      I have Sense 3.5 and I only got bumped to 5GB, not 50.

      • Cong Nguyen
        December 23, 21:31 Reply

        ah i see, well i hope all those waiting for an official upgrade get this dropbox bump as well

  5. Dosimahmud
    December 23, 10:32 Reply

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  6. Garry
    January 07, 18:48 Reply

    BOGUS. Why would I want space for only a year!? 

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