LifeView security app now available for Android

imagePreviously an iPad-exclusive app, LifeView is available for Android phones and tablets as of yesterday. The app allows you to manage your entire LifeShield system from your Android device. You can change settings, view snapshots from your home cameras when you log in, and there’s even a tab from which you can monitor your live feeds and go through up to 90 days of past logs.

Gone are the days of entrusting your Aunt Filene with your security code so they can feed Fluffy and water your ficus. Now if you’re really paranoid, they can just call you up and let you disarm the system yourself, rearming it when they leave (or while they’re still inside, if you’re a prankster). Or, you can create a new user and remove them anytime you want, and the app can even notify you of things upon your request. Basically, it sounds like the security company is outsourcing the monitoring centers to your mobile device. The full press release can be found after the break.

I think it all sounds great, but what do you think? Would carrying that around with you make you more or less nervous? Let us know in the comments below!


[spoiler show=”Show Press Release”]YARDLEY, Pa., Dec. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — LifeShield Security is pleased to extend the availability of its free LifeView app beyond the Apple iPad, to include Android tablets and smartphones, as well as the Apple iPhone, so customers can fully manage their LifeShield home security system from their preferred mobile device.

LifeView’s new sleek and sophisticated portal enables total interactivity with the LifeShield home security system through a simple interface with cool graphics and instinctual navigation that allows users of all ages to easily manage their home security system from their iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android smartphone.

“Smartphones and tablets have become increasingly popular among consumers who enjoy the obvious benefits to managing the details of life on the go. Our enhanced application opens the door for iPhone, tablet and smartphone users to fully control their LifeShield system from their portable or handheld device,” said Lou Stilp, Founder and COO, LifeShield Security. “This is the same app we recently announced to the Apple iPad community – so it delivers the same superior user interface that attaches to the customer and not their house. There is no other home security company that offers as many functions in a single application as the LifeView app.”

Customers can download the LifeView app for the iPad and iPhone from the Apple App Store. Android tablet and smartphone versions can be found through Android Market.

Within the LifeView app, users manage their system via the Console Tab that’s color-coded, easy to read and shows the status of every sensor and device for the entire system – whether a window is up or a door is open – and users can view the 20 most recent events instantly. If a user has cameras installed, the LifeView app will also take snapshots when the app is launched so the user can instantly view current images from every camera installed throughout the home.

LifeView’s sophisticated user interface also allows customers to log in to access every LifeShield system setting. In addition to the Console Tab, users can access the Camera Tab for all pictures and videos, as well as the ability to view live video, and the History Tab to scan the last 90 days of history.

Users can also arm the system with one touch and quickly disarm the system via user code, create new event notifications and camera triggers, and add or remove users any time.

About the LifeShield Home Security System

LifeShield’s next generation home security system offers sophisticated encrypted wireless technology that allows for easy set-up, a significantly lower cost of ownership and free, customizable monitoring options. Because of its completely wireless platform, LifeShield is able to offer features never before associated with national home security systems:

  • Monitor the interior of the home – with sensors on closet doors, cabinets, medicine chests, jewelry drawers and wall safes.
  • Customize alerting options to receive an alert every time someone comes in or goes out – or opens a protected cabinet inside the home.
  • LifeView powered by LifeShield allows users to stay connected no matter where they are in the world they have access to the Internet — such as a laptop computer or mobile phone device.
  • New! Free iPad App – fully manage your system from your Apple iPad. Arm and disarm your system, view camera snap shots or video, and fully configure your system from your iPad.
  • Free Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad allow users to arm, disarm and monitor their home alarm system from anywhere.
  •  4-layer backup protection allows the system to remain working even if the Internet is down, there is a power outage, or if the phone lines are cut.
  • Power the system by turning it on or off remotely to let renters or visitors in.
  • Control and monitor access to a second home, such as a second rental property.
  • Round-the-clock 5-Diamond monitoring is offered through Guardian Protection Services, one of the largest security monitoring companies in the U.S.
  • Customers don’t pay extra for fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, web and phone access, and text/email notifications.

About LifeShield Security

LifeShield Security is the first national, professional grade and professionally monitored wireless security system that uses an easy to set-up install and protect process, providing superior home protection and the best value in total home security. For more on LifeShield Security, visit



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  • David Rea

    Less-nervous. This is a security concept I’ve noodled on for a long-time – remote owner supervision. Why does remote supervision make me less-nervous? Fewer false alarms. As a homeowner, I get nervous about our autonomous security system falsing (either due to pets, forgotten codes, electrical glitches, etc.), then placing costly calls for emergency service. With a system like this, I could confirm whether a real need for services existed, and initiate the request myself.

    Beyond this, I worked as an ambulance crew chief for over a decade. False alarms are costly and consume scarce resources (especially in suburban and rural areas) that might be needed for someone having a true emergency. On several occasions, I’ve watched police or firefighters break down doors, causing expensive damage, only to find a vacant house and a false medic-alert alarm.

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