Verizon Droid 4 delayed till February?

Verizon Droid 4 delayed till February?

In recent months, Verizon Wireless has launched a lot of good Android devices. Their lineup is one of the best, and the launch of Galaxy Nexus few days ago made it the best by far. Previously, rumor had it that Verizon would be launching the Droid 4 few days after the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, but now VZ-Buzz is reporting that Verizon will launch it next year on February 2nd.

While there’s no idea why Verizon is delaying the launch for 2 months, it seems the reason could be the LTE outages, but what I believe is that Verizon wants to wait because they just launched the Galaxy Nexus –  meaning, if they launch the Droid 4 as well, then the Droid 4 will probably fail to stand in front of the Nexus because it’s the first ICS device. It was also very anticipated.

Hopefully, in February, Verizon will launch the device with Ice Cream Sandwich on board, which will attract more users. This is something they really need to do because – right now -everyone’s got ICS in their mind. In the meantime, what do you think is the reason of this delay? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

Source: VZ-BUZZ

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  1. Anonymous
    December 22, 16:58 Reply

    what do i think?  thanks for askin… IF it’s true, i think these delays are fessed-up (that’s ‘messed’ with an ‘f’ if you get my drift).  

    verizon should man-up and give official statements instead of letting the rumor-mill ‘generate buzz’, which mainly just dicks customers around.  hows’bout some official [projected] release/upgrade software dates, etc.  if v-ron wants to get public consensus, take a friggin survey or some sh*t. 

    you do this at x-mas? wtf am i supposed to get her now?  lol  lol

    i’ll cancel my google alerts for ‘droid 4′ … yeah, that’s what i’ll do–that’ll show ‘em.  lol

    one the bright side: 
    –at least the [maybe] delay will give some solace to buyers-remorsed droid-3 suckers; 
    –i bet there’ll be a bump in samsung stratosphere sales/giveaways–gotta get those boys off the shelf! and,
    maybe d/4’s will come with ics [4.0.?] out of the box–with no bugs.

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