Infinite Dreams releases Let’s Create! Christmas and iQuarium

Infinite Dreams has released another pair of apps this week, dropping iQuarium and Let’s Create! Christmas in the Android Market.  Available as free, ad-supported titles with in-app purchases, both are ports of popular iOS applications and look as sharp as anything else we’ve seen out of the developers.  If you’ve played Jelly Defense or Can Knockdown then you have an idea as to what you’re in for.

iQuarium gives users a very realistic-looking aquarium with living fish, decorations, food, bubbles, and more.  Feed the fish or play with him to pass the time or simply relax next to your virtual aquarium and enjoy some music.  Be careful, that guy is watching you and adapting to how you handle him and will develop his own personality!

‘Let’s Create! Christmas’ is a very therapeutic way of creating your own virtual Christmas ornaments.  Different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and graphics help to ensure that no two items look alike.  While you’re sitting around the fire this winter, why not see who can create the best-looking ornament in your family?