UPDATED: Get 50GB of free Box cloud storage without rooting


Want to get 50GB of free storage in the cloud? Thanks to a deal between Box and LG, anyone with one of several LG phones, including the Xperia Play, said users have been able to. But what about the rest of us? We want some free cloud storage, darnit! Well, thanks to developer redphx, that dream can now become your reality.

Before, you had to have a rooted phone, and make some changes to your build.prop file to make your phone look like an LG device. However, there’s now an app in the marketplace that does the same, and it’s been confirmed to work by multiple sources. However, be warned, you do have to insert your Box account info into the app, and there’s no telling what happens past that. To quote the developer, “I promise NO email or password is stored or transferred”. Also, a simple password change after this should block off any possible unwanted access.

So, if you want to get 50GB of delicious free storage, act now by following the Market Link. Don’t forget, this deal ends Dec 31st.

Thanks for the tip Julio!

UPDATE: It seems Google has removed the app from the Market, but thanks to redphx, you can grab it here.


  1. Cool way of getting 50 gigs storage at Box for free. I’m as liberal and left of center as can be, but this is cheating. You’re basically saying it’s alright to circumvent the intent of the offer by using this hack. Bottom line, it’s sleazy. I use box.net all the time, and am happy with the free storage it gives me. You’re advocating something that just feels so wrong to me. There’s enough crap going on in the world without this. I’m part of the 99%’ but doing this hack would make me no better that the 1%. Boo on android guys. You’re not better than those wall street scumbags who almost destroyed the worlds economy by being “sleazy” and circumventing every rule they could for personal enrichment.

  2. […] OffTopic but very nice offer: With this Android App you can upgrade an existing 5GB Free Box.com Account to a whopping 50GB! Works lika a charm. After that you're able to invite more people who can redeem their 50GB Box. They only have to have the same EMail provider. So that works for colleagues at work or if you're on @yahoo.com @hotmail.com but unfortunately not @gmail.com. With the plethora of Apps that you can use right from your account, or even more clients which are opensourced on github, there are a tons of possibilities to integrate your cloud stored files. Only Disadvantage is a 10GB Upload Limit per Day and 200MB FileSize Limit. Note: You need to get that apk from the mediafire link.  […]