Android RC toy for under $25? Yes please!



Now available at Toys R’ Us, Brookstone, and Radio Shack: DeskPets has released a toy which you can control remotely with your Android device, or let the autonomous mode take over – which will allow it to navigate mazes and using infrared to avoid walls and obstacles. There’s a retractable USB charger attatched to the toy, which will charge in only forty minutes and give you a full fifteen minutes of realistic battlefield excitement, and costs only $24.99 – a really good deal for something that does all of this. The colors also run on different frequencies, so you could race to without getting your wires crossed.
What do you guys think? Are you likely to drop $50 so you can have a race in your cubicle? Or $24.99 so you can enjoy some battlefield excitement at work?
Check it out at DeskPets


  1. The controller app has lots of bad reviews, it may be worth holding off on this until they get some of the bugs worked out.  Very tempting though!

  2. do not purchase this. it works semi-decently with only a few phones (literally maybe three or four). Its obstacle avoidance is pretty neat by itself, but if you’re wanting to control it (i’m sure you are) then steer clear.