Avast Free Mobile Security is here!


Avast, a popular PC security service, has just announced an Android app, and it’s packed full of features. Android users can now take advantage of a host of services, like:

  • Virus Protection– real time protection for your Android device
  • Privacy Advisor– warns you of potential privacy risks from applications
  • SMS & Call filtering- filters out unwanted calls and text messages
  • App manager– essentially a task manager, allows users to kill running tasks to improve device performance
  • Web shield– scans URLs as they load, and warns users of malware-infected URLs
  • Remote features– allow users to locate, lock messages, wipe memory, and more, in the event a device is lost or stolen

There are a host of other features, but we won’t get into them (mainly because there are so many). Again, the app is free, so users are getting all these great tools at no cost to them. It’ll be interesting to see how Avast compares to the paid security Android apps like Kaspersky, Security Pro, and SeekDroid.

Avast! Video

Check out a comparison sheet here.

So who’s installed the Avast Android app? What do you think of all the features? Drop a comment below!


    • You beat me to it. I wish blogs like this would stop legitimising these pointless security apps by writing about them all the time.

      • DiBona was talking about viruses. But the Android security suites go well beyond that. 

        Also see https://blog.avast.com/2011/12/30/faq-ams/

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