McAfee predicts more mobile attacks and fewer PC attacks in 2012

McAfee predicts more mobile attacks and fewer PC attacks in 2012

McAfee Labs is basically predicting that, for everything you worry about on your computer, you will now worry about on your mobile devices as well. Cybercrime, hacktivism, and threats to your mobile banking? Yep.

Vince Weaver, McAfee Labs’ Sr. VP, says:

Many of the threats that will become prominent in 2012 have already been looming under the radar in 2011. Over the past year, the general public has become more aware of some of these risks, such as threats to critical infrastructure or the impact of hacktivism as they gain international media attention.  In the meantime, we continue to see cybercriminals improving their toolkits and malware and are ready to make a significant impact in 2012

But it doesn’t stop there. not only are they predicting an increase on attacks of individuals, but some higher-profile industrial attacks as well, such as the suppliers of your water, electricity, oil, and gas. These resource companies are not up to snuff in terms of preparedness for an intense cyber attack. Advances hackers will be using embedded hardware to gain long term access to data, and ultimately, full control over systems with said hardware.

You can look forward to the legalization of spam. Cyberwarfare will likely take a leap; you may have heard about China’s “accidental” rerouting of web traffic due to their control of some of the backbone on which the internet relies. We’ll probably be seeing more along those lines, and you’ll be hearing much much MORE about rootkits – and things like them – targeting the hardware instead of more surfacial attacks in the coming months.

You can read the Full List of McAfee’s predictions in this pdf.

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