Did the power of online petitions change Verizon’s mind?

How do you stop the #2 wireless provider from instating a new fee? Get to the internet and start a petition – so says the social media crowd.

I’m just not sure how much of a difference the change.org petition started by Molly Katchpole did, but some are crediting her and change.com with changing big bad Verizon‘s mind. I question the amount of clout she and change.com have; the thing that may have pushed Verizon towards removing the evil $2 “pay to pay” fee may have been the FCC saying they’d “look into the issue”. This is almost always bad news for a new evil fee.

Nevertheless, the internet is accrediting change.org and Katchpole, whom – by the way – collected over 50,000 signatures in little more than a few hours, with thwarting a disaster.


Via: NY TIMES and Change.org


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  • Verizon has never considered what it can do to make its customers happy. Rather it always considers how hard it can squeeze customers before they leave for the competition. Rather than gouge users to steer them away from paying via certain avenues, Verizon could have granted an equal incentive to attract users to pay by desired means. Not for a single moment do I believe Verizon paid any attention to the online cries of dismay or the mounting piles of petition signatures. They only caved after the FCC stated it would open an investigation. Nobody loves Big Red, and their behavior here clearly demonstrates why.

    Still, as Churchill characterized democracy, Verizon is the worst network except for all the others. Until AT&T and Sprint offer clear, reliable alternatives, Verizon will remain the gorilla in the playpen.

  • Anonymous

    I think the real credit goes to Droid-Life.com who broke the story originally, which was then reposted and mentioned all over the ‘net, and eventually hit the MSM, forcing Verizon’s hand to issue a news release describing the policy.

    • Havoc70

      +100..It was Droid Life getting the info out to the public that started the whole thing…Way to Go DL!

  • Daniel

    So can we start a petition for them to fix the radio issues with the GNEX, and I don’t mean make the bars look better. Actually making it stop dropping signal! @#$%&%

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, I think it’s a hardware issue.  Software updates can only mask the issue (by showing you more bars than are really there).  Apple did the same thing when the iPhone 3G came out and they realized they could not fix it without a huge hardware recall.

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  • UbuntuMan

    As I said before on this site, I don’t understand why people use Verizon???