March 29, 2015

Sony Tablet S drops to $399


Sony’s Tablet S, which never saw a lot of marketing to begin with, has just been cut by $100, so the 16GB model can now be had for just $399 (previously $499). The 32GB model was also reduced, and is available for $499 (previously $599). This follows Sony’s “temporary” $50 price cut last month, which they said would end in the new year. While it did end, it was replaced by a permanent price cut of double the amount. It’s unclear as to why Sony made this decision, but one can only assume it’s due to the lack of sales of the Tablet S. Of course, the fact that the Asus Transformer Prime was recently released might have a bit to do with those sales figures.

Is this the start of a tablet trend? We saw the HTC Flyer get chopped down to just $299 in late 2011, with the Sprint variants running as low as $240. Now the Tablet S has been cut down as well. If Sony’s sales figures don’t perk up soon enough, they may be forced to lower the price yet again. More on this as it develops.

So what are your thoughts? Are OEMs cutting tablet prices due to sales, or is it to make room for the next generation of devices? Sound off in the comments!

Source Engadget

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  1. MarkH

    woohoo!! give another four weeks and Sony will announce that they will be abandoning the tablet business and have a Tablet S fire sale for $100 and $150.

  2. 3293146

    I hope its because of sales cause right now im using the sony s and it is AMAZING… I wanna see more stuff like controlling ps3 n playing online


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